July 20, 2010

Janet Evanovich Splitting from St Martin's Press After 15 Years? Is this Smart? The Movie Sounds Like a Nightmare.

You know that Janet Evanovich is BIG with capital letters when Deadline Hollywood's Nikke Finke interrupts her coverage of the film industry to report on Evanovich's negotiations for publishing her next 4 books (presumably in the Stephanie Plum series, numbers 17 - 20). 

According to Deadline, Evanovich's son is acting as her agent, and St. Martin's Press (whom she has been with for the past 15 years) isn't going along with his offer of $50,000,000 for the next four books. 

Yes, folks, that is $12.5 million per book.  Deadline is reporting that St. Martin's Press isn't interested, and Janet's son/agent is approaching other publishing houses.  The comments to the Deadline coverage are interesting, and not too nice. 

What they don't mention is the fact that Janet E. may think those books are more than worthy of that sum, given that the series is about to hit the big screen in a big way.  And fans have been waiting years and years for this -- they've been debating who should play what character at Janet E's website for a long, long time. 

Stephanie Plum Movie Being Cast Now

Of course, the fact that they've finally decided to bring Stephanie Plum to the big screen after all these years should impact the book deal.  Assuming the movie is a hit, readership should expand to those who've never heard of the series before, right?  Check for details at IMDB

Katherine Heigl got the plum part (pun intended) of Stephanie, and today it was announced that Sherri Shephard will play Lula.  The announcement also reports that Shephard will play a dual role, two prostitutes with hearts of gold.  I'm assuming one is Lula.  Huh? 

Julie Ann Robertson is directing.  Check out her background -- she's cutting her film teeth on Stephanie Plum's movie debut.  Her background is in TV episodes.  Five of Grey's Anatomy.  Three of Weeds. 


They've already cast most everyone else -- except Grandma Mazur.  Moretti will be played by Jason O'Mara; Ranger, by Daniel Sunjata.   Right, big names.... And the way that Janet E. reports on the casting, looks like she has zip to do with this production.  She appears to be learning things from the news media, just like you and me. 

According to her website, Janet Evanovich sold the movie rights to One for the Money back in 1993.  She's got no say-so or legal right to any decision here.  However, you'd think the movie folk would be smart enough to ask .....

What, she's not involved in the screenplay?  Nope. 

Liz Brixius is credited right now for writing it.  Not Janet E.  Who is Lix Brixius?  Ye Gads.  She wrote for Nurse Jackie, which she also executive produced.  That's it, Dear Reader.  Nurse Jackie, the TV show.  Her only other writing cred?  One episode of Insatiable

The location?  They're filming the movie in Pittsburgh, folks.  Not Trenton (setting for the books).  Not even in New Jersey, period. 

I'm adding all this to my prayer list.  I am not kidding. 

Betting on this Movie as a reason to leave St. Martin's Press?

I'm not sure about this film, and read that as I'm shocked and saddened by all this, and I'm wondering how many others share my concern.  I'm a big Evanovich fan and I'm beyond nervous.  I'm pretty angry right now. 

I'm wondering about Heigl playing an Italian from Jersey.  I'm wondering about a TV director and a TV writer being let loose on a storyline that I treasure. 

They better not screw this up.  Maybe I'll just never, ever, ever watch this thing.  Heigl?  With black hair?  Reallllly?????

I'd Stay with St. Martin's ....

And a bad movie could be a detriment to this franchise, maybe St. Martin's Press isn't optimistic about this film effort.  Lord knows it's look like they've got good reason to be.

Hope Janet doesn't get hurt in all this.  As well as Stephanie and the gang.