January 2, 2014

Free EBooks: Kindle First Offers a Free New Release Every Month (Pick One out of 4 Choices)

Here's a great freebie if you have a Kindle:  Amazon has a program called "Kindle First" which offers you a choice of four different new releases for the price of $1.99 if you are not a member of Amazon Prime, and gives you the ebook for free if you have paid for an Amazon Prime membership.

This month, out of the four choices, I chose a romance novel -- surprising myself because I'm really a big mystery fan, but the description here regarding how the town really became a character in the novel intrigued me enough that I opted for the romance selection.  Actually, it appears to be more romantic suspense so I'm not far off the mystery mark anyway.

Image above:  I chose Nancy Naigle's new release, Mint Juleps and Justice, for my monthly freebie this month from Kindle First.