September 12, 2011

More Classics Being Made Revamped Into Scripts For Movies

After learning about The Count of Monte Cristo getting new life as a nighttime TV soap, and yet another version of Anna Karenina for the big screen (right after Jane Eyre), I surfed around today to see what other books are being turned into scripts for movies or television.

Here's what I found out:  BuzzSugar has a nice slideshow of 15 movies that are being made from books right now.

These include two more remakes of films already made from novels:
  • Dashiel Hammett's The Thin Man (Johnny Depp in the shoes of William Powell)
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio in the shoes of Robert Redford.
I'm praying now that no one has any big ideas about remaking Gone With the Wind.  Or Rebecca.  Or Double Indemnity.

I couldn't find a list of books being made into TV shows.  We already know about Bones and Castle, for example.  Surely there are more....

September 9, 2011

The Literary Character Test: I'm Scarlett O'Hara, Who Are You?

 This was fun.  I took the Literary Character Test (you can too, go here) and here's the result: 

Your result for The Literary Character Test ...

Scarlett O'Hara

Good, Epic, Straight Forward Thinker
You are basically good.  Overcoming selfish desires or cruel ways, you focus on doing the right thing, when possible, and acting in a way to benefit everyone.  You think like a champion.  Regardless of your skills, you strongly feel you can use them to their greatest ability.  Your persona is indomitable, you are a true believer.  You think straightforwardly.  You don’t feel you need to weigh too many options, neither do you feel the need to plan to far ahead, but instead take the simplest and straightest path toward your goals.
Proud to the point of haughty and determined to the point of recklessness, Scarlett O'Hara will not let anything stand in her way of taking care of those around her.  Her determination is a key to her character, and when it is set, no bonds of war, man, or even emotion can stop her.  As if to exemplify her resolve, her resolute mantra simply is "After all, tomorrow another day."

September 8, 2011

New Remake of "Anna Karenina" with Keira Knightley in the Lead. Yikes.

Greta Garbo as Anna (1948).
Yesterday, I was writing here about the Count of Monte Cristo being turned into the ABC drama series "Revenge," which starts airing this month -- and today, I read that there's going to be another remake of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, this time starring Keira Knightley.  

You remember her, she's the actress that played Elizabeth Bennet in a 2005 remake of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Jude Law is going to play Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin (Anna's husband) and Aaron Johnson is in the role of Count Vronsky (Anna's lover).  I checked IMDb, but so far there's no word on who is going to play Konstantin Dmitrievitch Levin. 

My first thoughts:

I recently read Anna Karinina (see post here) and it's still pretty fresh in my mind.  Having read this movie news on Nikke Finke's blog, I'm not sure what to think.  I'm not overjoyed.

  • I have no idea who Aaron Johnson is ... but he better be really something if Jude Law, of all people, is the guy that Anna dumps for him.  
  • As I recall, you didn't get thru the first three chapters before you learned that Anna was much younger than her husband, and that he wasn't all that handsome.  I don't see how they are going to ugly-up Jude Law for this one. So, I'm puzzled by Law's casting. 
  • Which brings me to the female lead:  I don't see Keira Knightley as Anna.  It's not working for me.  Maybe it's that Anna seemed older to me than Keira Knightley when the story began ... maybe in her early 30s?  I see Catherine Zeta-Jones here more than the star of the Pirates movie franchise. 
  • One key character for me is Levin.   Who's getting to play Levin?  I'm scared to think about it.

I suppose I should be happy that Hollywood is going back to the classics for new material given the lack of movies I thought were worth my moola over the past few years.  Thing is, tho, with a classic there comes the reader's love of the story ... and it feels sorta personal.

We'll see, I guess. 

September 7, 2011

ABC Promotes New TV Show Revenge Thru Kindle, What Does This Do to EBooks? And Where's the Hat Tip to Dumas?

Right now, for free, you can download the script for the pilot episode of ABC TV's new series, "Revenge." Get the script, and you get a link to watch the pilot episode online, also at no cost to you.

Two things that I'm taking from this: 

1. New ways of using Kindle ebooks are popping up, and here's one: promotion of TV shows (and I assume movies in the future) through Kindle and its Top 100 Free list. Because that's where you'll get the exposure, right? What this does to Kindle, I'm not sure. What this does to ebook publishing, ditto. However, I must admit that I did download the script and I did read it. Afterwards, I thought it seemed familiar ... so I went surfing around, and sure enough, it was.

2. This story seems to be culled from one of my childhood favorites, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Change the protagonist to a young blonde female, move the story from France and Italy to the Hamptons, streamline some of the complicated plotting in the original and voila: a new, heavily promoted piece of entertainment that just might sell its products well considering that Dumas' original has proven itself so popular with so many for such a long time.

Go to the ABC site and you don't see anything referencing The Count of Monte Cristo. Read the reviews of the script over at Amazon.Com, and most of the reviewers perceive the new show as another nighttime soap, comparing it to the revamped Dallas that will be airing this fall.

However, if this new series is successful, then I think we will be seeing the e-book selections peppered with all sorts of things that are promotional in nature.  Lord help us all.