November 1, 2011

Kindle Daily Deal - I Check It Everyday but Do I Buy? Not So Much.

The Kindle Daily Deal is cool ... every day, Amazon offers a book at a rock-bottom price, if you're willing to read it on a Kindle.  Amazon tries to juggle the offerings, give everyone something they like. 

Maybe that's what is happening.  I'm checking the Kindle Daily Deal every morning.  But I'm not tempted to buy very often. 

I think I have purchased two Daily Deals so far - one was a biography of Bonhoeffer, the other I can't remember right now.  So I'm wondering what this means.

Is it because I'm not interested in buy most of what they are offering at the Daily Deal?  Or, is it because I'm only interested in buying certain things as an ebook because, after all, I'm really only buying a license and not the book itself?  Maybe a little of both.

Still, Kindle Daily Deal remains a fun thing to check every morning, before I do my daily crossword.  Maybe you'll like it too, if you haven't checked it out already, Dear Reader. 

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