November 14, 2011 Great Site Offering Oodles of Info is one of my favorite sites, and not just for the ease of an online dictionary.  The site itself is fun and informative - and it's a great place to get that writer brain in gear after you've checked the email and made the coffee (along with crossword puzzles).

For example, today's has a quiz asking me to name the protagonists of several famous novels.  Cool.

Tabs at the top take me to a nice Thesaurus and a really fun feature for word lovers, WordDynamo.  Admittedly, I may love WordDynamo because ... well ... I'm really good at it.  Considering I can't dance well at all and the only time I sing in tune is in the car or the shower, where of course I am GREAT, being a wizard at WordDynamo feels pretty darn good.

Okay.  Enough.  Back to work for me.  You?  You might want to check out

November 10, 2011

Kindle EBooks Available for Checkout at Public Library: How I Checked Out Kindle Ebooks from San Antonio Public Library: Easy and Fun

Kindle ebooks can be checked out from your local library via Overdrive, if your library is connected with Overdrive - and if you have an active membership with your local library, of course.


Well, I checked out a book to read late at night last week, long after the library was closed and because I wanted to read something other than what was on my Reading Stack of print books.

Here's what I did:

1. I went to my local library's home page.

2. I surfed through the databases to electronic resources.

3. I got to this page, which is my library's page within the Overdrive site:

4. I signed into Overdrive using my local library user name and password.

5. I surfed through the e-stacks, looking for available books (they'll give you all the books in your topic (mine was mysteries) even though some are already checked out and all you can do is place a hold on them).

6. I chose the book I wanted to read.  (I was surprised at the selection, and it appears to be growing each month - if I'm reading my monthly library newsletter right.)

7. I went to, chose Manage My Kindle, and went through the steps there to make sure the book was downloaded onto my Kindle (I had a WiFi issue that was quickly resolved).

There. Easy Peasy.

November 7, 2011

I'm Honored to Be Accepted as a Book Reviewer for Library Journal

As of October 2011, I am a book reviewer for Library Journal.  I've been vetted and approved by Library Journal and I've signed the official contract, too.  Which means, yes, I believe that I will receive a free print book as part of the reviewing process.  And, no, that doesn't mean that I will automatically give a favorable, thumbs up review in exchange for the freebie.  Who does that?

As for Library Journal itself, below is brief description of the publication from the publisher's web site.  I'm quite proud to be contributing here, and thought I would share this with you, Dear Reader.

 From Media Source, Inc.:
Founded in 1876, Library Journal is one of the oldest and most respected publications covering the library field. Over 100,000 library directors, administrators, and staff in public, academic, and special libraries read LJ. In its twenty annual issues, Library Journal reviews nearly 7,000 books, and provides coverage of technology, management, policy, and other professional concerns.

November 2, 2011

Kindle Format 8 Announced by Amazon - the Debut of KF8 and What it Means To You

Ebook publishing just got some big news: Amazon is changing the way it does things to allow for more graphic and image friendly e-books with its new Kindle Format 8.  If you are publishing for Kindle, does that mean a major re-do headache?  Apparently not. 

Right now, Format 8 will be introduced on Amazon Fire and as time passes, it will also be placed upon other Kindle products ... "the latest generation" of Kindle devices, according to the Amazon FAQ page

What happens to my Kindle - the one I bought a year ago?  I'm not sure right now.  

What about my Mobi files?  According to Amazon, all "currently supported content" will be okay, no need to panic about changing your stuff over to the new KF8.  However, Amazon is going to be giving instructions on how to do just that in its Kindle Publishing Guidelines (tho that's not online just yet). 

For more scoop, check out the Kindle Forums as well as TechCrunch (who points out that with KF8, Amazon products can be read on an iPad); and Webmonkey (who discusses the possibility that KF8 will allow ebooks to be placed on the web itself, since KF8's incorporattion of HTML5 essentially allows for ebooks to be built in the same way as a web page).

November 1, 2011

Kindle Daily Deal - I Check It Everyday but Do I Buy? Not So Much.

The Kindle Daily Deal is cool ... every day, Amazon offers a book at a rock-bottom price, if you're willing to read it on a Kindle.  Amazon tries to juggle the offerings, give everyone something they like. 

Maybe that's what is happening.  I'm checking the Kindle Daily Deal every morning.  But I'm not tempted to buy very often. 

I think I have purchased two Daily Deals so far - one was a biography of Bonhoeffer, the other I can't remember right now.  So I'm wondering what this means.

Is it because I'm not interested in buy most of what they are offering at the Daily Deal?  Or, is it because I'm only interested in buying certain things as an ebook because, after all, I'm really only buying a license and not the book itself?  Maybe a little of both.

Still, Kindle Daily Deal remains a fun thing to check every morning, before I do my daily crossword.  Maybe you'll like it too, if you haven't checked it out already, Dear Reader. 

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