May 28, 2012

Heather Haven's Alvarez Mystery Series: Another Great Find as a Kindle Free EBook

I don't know how I would have discovered Heather Haven's mystery series if she hadn't offered one of her books for free as an ebook on Amazon last week.  She isn't the first author that I've discovered roaming through the Amazon store on my Kindle, but she's the latest - and I'm using her book as an example of great reads you can find for free right now.

Sure, I'm going to buy her other books in the Alvarez series.  I love this series.

As for Murder is a Family Business, it's a cozy, sure.  However, it's funny.  It's endearing.  It also keeps you guessing (though I did figure out WhoDidIt pretty early on, I was surprised at some twists and turns in getting to the end of the book).

It's well written.  Never did I have the urge to skip ahead as I read this book.  And that doesn't happen to me very often.  Sign of a good writer.  

One thing I really enjoyed here was the lack of snarkiness.  The family members here care for each other, and shockarino, they respect each other too.  They treat each other with kindness and consideration and I didn't realize how little I'm seeing that these days until I read the first book in this series.

I highly recommend Heather Haven's Murder is a Family Business. Even if you have to pay a bit for the book now. 

 I highly recommend downloading freebies from Amazon to your Kindle, too.  Sure, some of them are bad; some need editing; some are so-so. And some are very, very good.  Like this one.  (Haven's no novice, by the way.  Check out her bio here.)