December 7, 2005

Remaindering - Lee Goldberg's Real-Life Explanation

Lee Goldberg writes murder mysteries and the occasional TV script (bet you've seen one) as well as a good blog - which provided this great, short explanation of remaindering:

"Harley Jane Kozak's book DATING DEAD MEN has been remaindered...meaning the publisher is going to sell their stock of unsold copies to booksellers by the pound (so the formerly $24.95 books will end up in the bargain bin at Barnes & Noble for $4.98). When your books are scheduled to be remaindered, the publisher first offers you the opportunity to buy as many copies as you like for a buck or two. Harley writes:

" 'Anyhow, a few days later, when the actual Remainder Notice from Random House arrived in the mail, it turned out to be 2,740 books @ $1.43 a book. Meaning that the two thousand dollars I’d rounded it off to turned out to be . . . a tiny bit more. Okay, $3,918.20. Plus tax.
Which led to another not-so-fabulous dilemma.
Where does one put 2,740 books?'

"It's a hard offer to resist. I know, because I've fallen for it. I have hundreds and hundreds of copies of BEYOND THE BEYOND and MY GUN HAS BULLETS in my garage. Now, a decade after they were published, I have resorted to giving them away in bookbags at conventions and at signings for my new books -- using them, basically, like promotional bookmarks. Even so, I've hardly made a dent in my stockpile. My advice to Harley -- resist the urge. Buy a 100 of each and let the rest go to the remainder bins of America."
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