October 26, 2009

More NaNoWriMo Prep - The Pros Come Out

Well, here you go.  S.L. Viehl (one of her many nom de plumes) has announced on her Paperback Writer blog that she is unofficially entering National Novel Writing Month this year -- and she's setting a personal goal of 2000 words/day.

That's right, dear reader.  Two thousand words.  A day.  That's about 400 over the minimum to win NaNoWriMo. 

And what's more, she'll do it.  Oh yes she will. 

If you follow PW, which I do, this woman is a fiend.  She's more than able to hit 4500 words a day, and she does a lot of this via Dragon Naturally Speaking because she's got some hand/wrist issues.

You do so want to hate her, right?  But you CAN'T.  And that's even before you see all the helpful hints she's already giving out about preparing for November, plus her blog archives of free advice, examples, forms. 

So here's to SL Viehl.  NaNoWriMo just got a lot more fun ... did I tell you she's writing a couple of books for publication, too, while she's at it?  Fiend.  Fiend!
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