April 12, 2011

Six Days And Counting Till My Standing Desk Arrives

From Amazon.com:
Techni Mobili Mobile Laptop MDF Cart
(shown in for setting and standing)
Writing means sitting on your keister for long periods of time, obvious to anything but what is in your mind and on the screen.  Which is great for getting things done, but very bad for your back, your neck, your legs - and fine.  Your butt.

So, I've ordered a standing desk.  I'm so excited about it that I'm not even bothered that the customer reviews discussed around an one hour assembly time.  Eww.  But I'm not thinking about that.  After all, it comes with its own screwdriver.  Isn't that sweet of them?

In fact, it is becoming insane over here on the Planet Reba because I'm actually counting the days till this thing arrives.  I've already rearranged furniture for it.  I'm pondering whether or not it should have a name.  My car does.  My computers do.

And, look!  There's room for my tea mug on that little shelf, as well as my wireless mouse.  (I hate laptop mice.)  Adorable.  And it has wheels! It's so smart, too....

What is the word for giving personalities to inanimate objects?  Because I'm doing this.  It's like my new sidekick is coming.  My executive assistant. 

My own Jeeves. Watson. Friday. Ethel.

I'm only hoping that I don't go all Wintour and end up throwing my coat and purse on this thing.
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