September 12, 2011

More Classics Being Made Revamped Into Scripts For Movies

After learning about The Count of Monte Cristo getting new life as a nighttime TV soap, and yet another version of Anna Karenina for the big screen (right after Jane Eyre), I surfed around today to see what other books are being turned into scripts for movies or television.

Here's what I found out:  BuzzSugar has a nice slideshow of 15 movies that are being made from books right now.

These include two more remakes of films already made from novels:
  • Dashiel Hammett's The Thin Man (Johnny Depp in the shoes of William Powell)
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio in the shoes of Robert Redford.
I'm praying now that no one has any big ideas about remaking Gone With the Wind.  Or Rebecca.  Or Double Indemnity.

I couldn't find a list of books being made into TV shows.  We already know about Bones and Castle, for example.  Surely there are more....
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