July 9, 2012

Favorite Characters: Brenda Lee Johnson and Tonight, The Closer Starts Closing Its Doors - And I'm Pumped. Who's The Leak?

I've been a fan of The Closer since its pilot episode, not only because I love procedurals but because I loved the character of Brenda Lee Johnson.  I liked the arcs over time that revealed her to us:  for example, the arc of Kitty.  First, she hates cats.  Then, the cat gets to stay.  Then, Kitty gets pampered and loved and sadly, Kitty dies.  We saw Brenda grow with Kitty.

It's a little thing, given this is a cop show, but this is the stuff I love and that I look for -- the people plots, the backstories, the characters evolving and relating and miscommunicating.  You know what I mean.

I like the ensemble here, all the actors are top-rate, and I'm really anxious to learn who the leak is -- the mole that has been betraying them all with information that resulted in both state and federal lawsuits being filed against the Department and the individuals themselves.

This week, I'm voting it's Lt. Daniels who got booted from the squad a couple of seasons back.  Not that I didn't and don't like her: but it means that the Major Crime squad doesn't have a backstabber in its midst today, and I like that alternative.

Sure, I thought it was Pope.  Too easy.  Gabriel?  Red herring.  Taylor?  Maybe.  Hope not. 

Luckily, I know from an interview that was published online that Kyra Sedgwick has confirmed that she may be appearing in the show's sequel, Major Crimes, in the future -- so Brenda Lee isn't going to be killed off.  Thank God.

But we do know that she does leave the Major Crimes Unit.  This better be a happy ending.

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